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In 2015, Puffins were sadly listed on the red-list as being vulnerable to global extinction. They now face a perilous future, numbers have declined rapidly and there are now fears these birds could become extinct in the next 100 years.

life on the edge



Puffins are one of the world's most loved seabirds. They are identified by their beautiful colored beaks & comical waddle. Around 90% of the global population is found in Europe and the UK is home to 10% of this population

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estimates state that there are 450,000 puffins in the UK, but this population and those across Europe are threatened by extinction due to rapid population decline. Puffins have a low reproduction rate and only lay one egg a year, making them susceptible to any changes in the environment

life on the edge


Over the past 30 years rising sea temperatures are having a major impact on the puffins food chain, indirectly affecting puffins survival rates. the rising TEMPERATURES are leading to a reduction in the survival rates of young sandeels, which make up 90% of the young puffins diet during the breeding season.

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There are many factors involved in the decline of puffin numbers across the globe, but this sudden reduction in their food supply, caused by warming sea temperatures is the biggest threat they face today. it's not too late and through combined effort efforts we can reverse this and protect the Atlantic Puffin for many generations to come.