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This is a unique opportunity to photograph mountain hares not only in their Summer coats but also in the beautiful blooming purple heather. At the best location in Scotland under Kevin's tutelage he will guide you to the best spots where you'll be able to capture a wide range of amazing images.

The hares are distributed over a wide range in an upland environment and you can expect to see betwen 10-25 animals over the course of the day, and photograph five or more different individuals, although this does vary from day to day depending on the weather conditions. There are also times when it is advantageous to remain with an individual hare for long periods, waiting for some specific behaviour to unfold or to capture the perfect shot. 

The approach to the site is on foot and it is possible to locate hares on the lower ground after a 20 minute walk. Depending on conditions and fitness levels the aim will be to move uphill looking for hares before reaching the higher plateau where hares are most numerous. This involves a walk of around 1 mile and an elevation gain of around 250-300m. The ground is moderately steep and uneven in places.

The walk will require an average level of fitness and stamina especially considering that you will be carrying heavy photographic equipment, although the pace will be slow and breaks can be taken!

During the Summer the hares are more active than during the Winter months when they hunker down to save energy. Once a hare has been spotted a slow and careful approach will be made to hopefully get within photographic range. Although some hares flee at the first sign of a human many others rely on their camouflage and stay partially hidden allowing for a much closer approach.

The approach can take some time and it’s important that the hare remains relaxed and comfortable. Hares will often sit in the same position for hours if undisturbed and so it may be a waiting game hoping the hare will become more active, start to groom or stretch. If pushed, then most hares will eventually flee running off away from the camera so we want to avoid this by being patient and waiting for things to happen naturally.

Kevin will be on hand to offer advice on how to best approach the hares, as well as helping with camera settings, exposure etc.

Note that you may well be sitting, kneeling or even lying on wet cold ground for long periods of time so you should wear adequate clothing and be prepared for this.

You will be away from your vehicle all day and the session will begin at 11am and usually end at around sunset (weather dependent). There are no facilities on site.

Access to the meeting point is on a narrow tarmac road there should be no issues driving the road at this time of year.

Please bring insect repellent with you as at this time of year ticks and midges may be an issue.

To reserve your spot or for more information please email Kevin at


Our primary target will be the mountain hares, but along the way we may encounter red deer, grouse, golden eagles and buzzards to name a few.

Track and photograph one of the UK’s hardiest creatures in the stunning Scottish Highlands and learn how to put into practise these important skills.

Photographic Experience
Photographers of all levels are welcome. Whether you are new to the world of wildlife photography or an experienced pro looking to expand your portfolio

Accommodation is not provided during the Summer workshops,

Transportation is not provided to and from our location but can be arranged if needed.


  • Meet at the designated meeting point at 10.30am

  • Brief introduction to find out what you would like from the day.

  • We head out to locate the hares they can be found on the lower ground. But depending on conditions and fitness levels the aim will be to move uphill looking for hares before reaching the higher plateau.

  • Once we have located the hares Kevin will teach you the best field-craft to approach the hares and will be on hand with any photographic tuition during the session

  • Roughly around 6pm (weather dependent) we will begin the walk down the hillside to the cars and the end of the workshop


We keep the groups small (a maximum of 3 participants) this allows us more freedom on the hill and will cause less stress to the animals
To reserve your spot in this tour please email Kevin at

Dates and Costs

£200 per person (max 3 persons per day)

Exclusive 1-2-1 guiding also available: £275 per day

Exclusive 1-2-2 guiding for couples: £300 per day

August Only - With Kevin Morgans


  • Full one-to-one guidance throughout the day

  • Field-craft training

  • Full technical camera tuition

  • Expert knowledge of mountain hares and the surrounding area

  • A friendly, relaxed approach


  • Food and drink

  • Transport to/from the meeting place (transport can be arranged if needed)

  • Personal insurance

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Kevin Morgans is a multi-award winning wildlife photographer with a passion for UK wildlife. Widely published and with a formidable social media following. Kevin was this year a category runner up in Nature photographer of the year and was proud to see his mountain hare image grace the cover of the prestigious British Wildlife Photography Awards collection in 2018. He's also had multiple awarded images in International photography competitions such as the Nature Image Awards and Environmental Photographer Of The Year.

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