This is a unique opportunity to photograph mountain hares not only in their Summer coats but also in the beautiful blooming purple heather. At the best location in Scotland under Kevin's tutelage he will guide you to the best spots where you'll be able to capture a wide range of amazing images.

The hares are distributed over a wide range in an upland environment and you can expect to see betwen 10-25 animals over the course of the day, and photograph five or more different individuals, although this does vary from day to day depending on the weather conditions. There are also times when it is advantageous to remain with an individual hare for long periods, waiting for some specific behaviour to unfold or to capture the perfect shot. 



  • A very unique opportunity to see and photograph the hares in a beautiful carpet of blooming heather

  • Learn and put into practise important field craft skills

  • Chance to see Scotland’s other highland species including golden eagles, red deer & red grouse.