“When I opened my eyes that morning and looked out of the window, I was greeted by an amazing sight – the country was covered by a thick layer of fresh snow, and the vegetation was thick with ice crystals. I knew where the Whooper Swans spent their days, and I prayed that they would not fail me today, of all days. I put my 600mm lens on the camera and set the exposure manually to make sure that both the white and dark shades would be perfect. I spent a long time getting close to the swans. A few steps, kneel down, wait and then a few more steps. It was quiet this morning, and to get the chance to sit down and just observe the dazzling swans in this white scenery was simply an indescribable experience. My eye was caught by a minor drama among a group of swans – it reminded me of a short dance between two of the birds, with the other swans forming an attentive audience. Swan Dance is one of my favourite pictures, and when I look at the poster on my wall at home, my thoughts drift back to an unforgettable Danish winter morning.”