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The Welsh mountain ponies are a strong breed that dates back to a least the Celtics.  During the Tudor times around 1509 King Henry VIII ordered the ponies to be destroyed because they could not carry a knight in full armour, thankfully they did not succeed.  However the Romans admired the ponies for their strength and ability and even shipped some of them back to Rome to carry out specific tasks in their homeland. In more recent times they were used to pull carts in the coal mines, now the mines are closed and there is no longer work for them, so they are now free to roam the Carneddau hillsides.

Henry VIII could not remove the ponies from the hillsides but it is looking increasingly likely that tough economic may.  It would be a disaster for these ponies that have roamed the North Wales hillsides for centuries, and having repeatedly defied the odds to disappear from the landscape.  Towards the end of 2016 Kevin set out on an ambitious project to spend a year documenting the ponies throughout the seasons, to help raise awareness of these hardy animals to a larger audience and hopefully in turn help conserve these ponies for generations to come.  Below is a number of prints from this ongoing project keep checking back as there is new images being added all the time.

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