Fair Isle, measuring at just 3km wide and barely 5km long is Britain's most remote inhabited island. It can be found marooned in the North sea between Shetland and Orkney. Due to its location it is not the easiest place to get to. But once you set foot on the island, it truly is a puffin paradise and with almost 24 hours of daylight during June it is a photographers dream. The coastline that borders the island may not necessarily house the biggest population of puffins in the UK, but it is difficult to argue that it isn't the most beautiful.

I have recently returned from leading a 6 day trip in partnership with NaturesLens to this beautiful location. The target species of the trip were the Atlantic Puffin and what photographer doesn't love puffins. The trip was timed to coincide with the annual bloom of pink thrift on the island which flower among the puffin colonies.

The tour is titled Puffins Of Fair Isle and whilst yes the puffins are the star attractions of the trip. Fair Isle offers so much more we managed to photograph fulmars at close quarters, Arctic/Great Skuas, terns, rabbits, wheaters, seals and a whole host of other migrant birds that pass through the island. If landscape photography is more your thing the stunning coastline offers endless photographic opportunities.

The problem with island photography is that your chances of getting onto the islands are largely governed by the weather. During the overnight ferry from Aberdeen to Shetland I received a call from the skipper of the Good Shepherd (our ferry to the island) that all boats to the island would be cancelled for the next few days due to a strong storm out in the North Sea. This was a cruel blow to be dealt but I had a great group of guests who were all understanding of the circumstances. Plan B had to be initiated the group was booked onto the next available flight to Fair Isle and alternate accommodation was arranged for the following two days. We spent the next few days photographing the wildlife around the local area. We spent most of our time photographing the local puffin colony at Sumburgh Head and exploring the potential along the coastal path. One evening we were heading back along this path when we presented with a beautiful photographic opportunity, a pair of fulmar courting amongst the thrift. 

After a few days spent at our base at Sumburgh it was time for our flight to Fair Isle. The flight over to the island is only a short one taking around twenty minutes. Flying over Fair Isle you can truly appreciate how epic the island is, It's rugged coastline, the waves crashing against the cliffs, the masses of seabirds soaring over the ocean below. This view always reminds me what a special place this is.  After a slightly shaky landing we were welcomed by our host for and transferred to the Bird Observatory which was to be our base for the the trip. The Fair Isle bird observatory itself is relatively new only being built in 2010. It offers great rooms, excellent food, friendly staff and finally stunning views over the cliff and harbour. The biggest asset of its location is it's only a short walk to the puffins. Making it easy to nip back for breakfast, lunch, dinner & evening hot chocolate. Trust me you do get fed well on the island

Following a quick induction by our hosts, we were ready to head out for our first puffin session on the island. Usually with puffins the best time to photograph them is in the evenings when they congregate in large numbers. Similar to Skomer the real beauty of this island is being able to photograph in the magical light that bathes the puffin colonies at dawn & dusk. Our first session with the puffins was our best of the trip. We had some great light to work with and all the guests got some cracking images.


The following morning we awoke to dark grey skies. We decided to head up to the cliffs for a short session with the puffins before breakfast. The plan for the day ahead is very flexible, We have the option to work the puffins for another session, focus on the many seabirds that nest on the island or simply relax in the accommodation. During the tour a few guests decided to grab a packed lunch and just enjoy exploring the island.

The rest of the group decided to work with the Skuas on the island.  If you have never tried to photograph a great skua before I look forward to seeing your first encounter. These birds are awesome predators, but just watch your head. There are large number of great skuas aka 'Bonxies' breeding on the island and a much smaller population of the more elegant bird the Arctic Skua. The birds are relatively easy to find they are more likely to let you know they are about before you have spotted them. The below bird was very confiding and after a slow approach was relaxed in our presence. 

We all met back up for dinner from the window we could see the ominous dark clouds hovering above the puffin colony. Fair play everyone wanted to head back up to the colony so after a quick turnaround we were heading back up to the puffins. Along the way we spotted a small group of Fulmars resting and with the stormy skies above made for some great mood lighting on the birds.

By the time we had got to the puffins the sky had darkened and the light conditions had deteriorated. So a few images of the puffins against the ocean below was the plan. The wind was blowing a gale on the cliffs and the temperatures really deep in the evening. We decided there would be better opportunities ahead so headed back to the observatory for a warm hot chocolate and cake. Well, there you have a typical day on Fair Isle the following few days followed a similar pattern to this.

I would like to thank a great group of guests on the trip, You really made this a fantastic trip. Now my attentions turn to 2017 when I will again by leading the Puffins Of Fair Isle tour. If next year is half as good as this one we are in for a treat. Finally, I'll leave you with a few more images from the trip.



If you would like to photograph the amazing Puffins of Fair Isle, which I will be again leading in 2017, then you can book the 2017 Puffins Of Fair Isle for £1199. This is a great trip and will fill up fast so don't miss out.

We include all accommodation on Fair Isle which is a full board basis, flight from Sumburgh to Fair Isle & ferry back from the island to Sumburgh. The itinerary is flexible between puffin sessions to allow us to photograph other species of birds, including Arctic & Great Skuas, Fulmar & other seabirds or if you wish you can head off on your own and explore the island.

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