About Kevin

Kevin Morgans Is an award winning wildlife photographer and guide based in the U.K. best know for his work documenting puffins and the family life of Canada Geese

Kevin Morgans Is an award winning wildlife photographer and guide based in the U.K

Best known for his work documenting puffins and the family life of Canada Geese.  He leads instructional photography tours and workshops in partnership with Natures Lens. 

His images have also won awards in some of the World's most prestigious photographic competitions including the Nature Image Awards,  Festival De I'Oiseau and the Outdoor Photographer Of The Year competition.

Post university Kevin, spent a few months traveling across British Columbia, Canada. It was during this time that the beauty of the Canadian wilderness and it's wildlife inspired him to first pick up a camera.  Watching wildlife has always been one of Kevin's biggest passion and this was apparent from a young kid growing up, he could always be found searching the rock pools on the local beaches for signs of life or exploring the woodlands. So it was only logical when Kevin got into photography later in life he continued this passion, but with a camera in hand to document what he saw.

With Kevin wildlife always comes first before any shutter is clicked, he is passionate about conservation. The well being
every subject s is carefully considered before any photograph is taken, no image should be put ahead of the subject’s welfare. This rule should apply for every wildlife photographer, whether just starting out or professional. Wildlife photography has an important role to play in conservation, and our imagery can help connect the public to the environmental issues that are affecting wildlife in the world today. 

At its heart, wildlife photography is a pastime that anybody can enjoy. If you are looking to get into wildlife photography, the best bit of advice is to get out and explore your local area. Britain’s best wildlife can be found right on your own front door. Expensive equipment helps to improve your photography but is no substitute for excellent field craft and understanding your subject. Working closely with one of your favourite local subjects is a great way to build up a strong portfolio. If at first things aren’t going your way, stick at it, wildlife photography can be incredibly frustrating and a lot of patience and commitment is needed to get the shots you’re after. When everything comes together for the perfect moment it makes all the early morning rises and waiting worthwhile. 

Kevin works closely with the Marine Conservation Society and for each puffin print sold Kevin donates 25% of the profits to this supported charity.  The MCS are the voice for everyone who loves the sea. Their aims are to secure a future for our living seas, and to save our threatened marine wildlife before it is lost forever.  Purchasing a print is a great way for you to own one of these beautiful images whilst also helping to protect the oceans that support the Atlantic Puffins. Check out the Puffin Collection in the print store



Kevin's Talks are created to showcase the awesome wildlife & locations he has visited.  Each ones of Kevin's talks uses music and stunning imagery to take you with him on his travels around the natural world. The talks do not only feature imagery but bring to the fore conservation issues and history about the areas featured in the talks

For questions or bookings please contact me at: kbmwildlife@yahoo.co.uk


  • 2015: 'Over Stormy Seas',  Highly Commended in the Nature Image Awards
  • 2015: 'The Last Catch',  Runner Up in the Outdoor Photographer Of The Year Competition
  • 2015: 'Reflecting',  Highly Commended in the 12th Annual Smithsonian Awards
  • 2016: 'Sunset Stroll',  Highly Commended in the Nature Image Awards
  • 2017: 'Out Of The Darkness'  Highly Commended in the Festival De I'Oiseau
  • 2017: 'First Date;  Highly Commended in the Scottish Wildlife Photographer Of The Year